Pipe Bands and Guest Artists

Pipe Bands & Guest Artists

August 13th to August 19


2017 Entertainment Schedule

Cultural area stage
Pipe Bands
John MacKenzie & Jerry Ilchyna (fiddle & guitar)

Transcona Pipe Band

Lads & Lasses (Scottish Country Dancing)
Anavets 303 Pipes and Drums

Wee Drappie with Alana Greene (harmonica, guitar and vocals)


Celtic Trio (flute, harp and vocals)

Khartum Shriners

Lads & Lasses (Scottish Country Dancing)

St. Andrew’s Pipe Band

John MacKenzie & Jerry Ilchyna (fiddle & guitar)

Lord Selkirk Pipe Band

John MacKenzie & Jerry Ilchyna (fiddle & guitar)

Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders

*Above ^cultural shows @ 6:00 & 9:00 (with other entertainment in between) – area is air conditioned!!

6:00 Scottish Entertainment Guest Artists
6:30 Learn to Highland Dance Susan French
7:30 Participation Dancing Joyce Cormack
8:00 Demonstrations Various Experts
9:00 Scottish Entertainment Guest Artists

Sunday – Bagpipes (John Hayles)
Monday – Scottish Country Dancing (Joyce Cormack)
Tuesday – How to Wear the Great Kilt (David Carey)
Wednesday – Flute and Celtic Harp (Peter and Lynn McClure)
Thursday – Heavy Games (Manitoba Association of Celtic Sports)
Friday – Fiddle (John MacKenzie)
Saturday – Spinning Wool into Yarn (Deb Stewart and Bronwyn Swanson)

Please check the posters at the entrances to the Pavilion and the Cultural Room to confirm the guest artists and performance times each evening.


HEAVY GAMES Saturday  (12am till 4pm) outside