A Hundred Thousand Welcomes!

Come to one of Folklorama’s most popular pavilions!

Join us to confirm what thousands of
your friends & neighbours already know –
the Pavilion of Scotland is still the best!
If you haven’t yet visited our new location,
please come to see how we’ve improved.
A huge Celtic party awaits you at the Pavilion of Scotland!

Purchase your tickets online at: (check back for online ticket purchases)

Sunday August 4 to Saturday August 10, 2024


Centro Caboto Center (1055 Wilkes Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3P 2L7)

Our 2024 Coordinators

 Pavilion Co-Coordinators — Bart Omand  & Dave Carey

 Finance & Admissions Coordinator — Audrey Dawson

 Volunteer Coordinator — Dawn Carey

 Health & Safety Coordinator — Dave Carey

 Guest Services Coordinator — Chris Langtry

 Kitchen Coordinator — Lisa Omand

 Bar Coordinator — Colin Salie

Food Line Coordinator – vacant

 Cultural Room Coordinators — Bronwyn Swanson & Deb Stewart

 Gift Shop Coordinator — Diana Simpson

 Bus Tours & VIP Coordinator — Erin Crawford

 Entertainment Coordinator — Megan Rempel

 Mainstage Show Coordinators — Christine Finnbogason & Trent Simpson

 Ena Sutton Dance Director — Christine Finnbogason

 MHDA Dance Coordinator — Tamara Coutu & Kim Stubbe

 Social Media & Marketing Coordinator — Kate Omand

Sponsorship, Fundraising & Advertising Coordinator – Diana Simpson

Logistics Coordinator – Megan Rempel

Who is the Winnipeg Scottish Association?

The Board of Directors is made up of representatives from throughout the
Scottish Community in Manitoba to manage the Pavilion of Scotland each year.

2024 Board of Directors

President: Bart Omand   Vice President: Dave Carey   

Treasurer: Audrey Dawson    MHDA Rep: Lisa Omand   

Ena Sutton Reps: Zoe Brittain, Dawn Carey & Diana Simpson

Members at Large: Jim Court & Keith Rempel

How to Contact Us:

Website: www.pavilionofscotland.ca

Email: scottishassociation@gmail.com   &   volunteers_pavilionofscotland@outlook.com

Facebook: @PavilionofScotland

Instagram: @pavilionofscots

TikTok: @pavilionofscotland