A Hundred Thousand Welcomes!

Come to one of Folklorama’s most popular pavilions!

Join us to confirm what thousands of
your friends & neighbours already know –
that the Pavilion of Scotland is still the best!
If you haven’t yet visited our new location,
please come to see how we’ve improved.
A huge Celtic party awaits your arrival at the Pavilion
of Scotland!

We are Second week this year Aug 13th -Aug 19th

2017 Ambassadors

Adult Ambassadors
Youth Ambassadors
David Carey
Emily-Kate McIntosh
Kimberly Dudek
Chloe Mathers


Visit the AIR-CONDITIONED cultural display to see authentic costumes being modelled by
Living History Society
You will also get a chance to danceĀ some country scottish dancing andĀ  check out the different booths of our
affiliated Scottish Associations