Food & Drink Menus

All the food for the Pavilion of Scotland is prepared on site by our volunteers. The various meat pies are purchased from Molly’s Meat Pies (390 Provencher Blvd). The desserts come from the bakery at Dakota Family Foods (1099 St Mary’s Rd). Our Haggis, vegetables and most other ingredients and condiments are purchased from Millers Super Valu Meats (590 St Mary’s Rd).

Food Menu

Deluxe Meal Combo  $15

1 entrée (Haggis, Scotch Pie, Mince or Sausage Roll), 1 Potato (mashed or chips),  Gravy,  2 Vegetables (turnips &/or peas),  plus 1 Dessert     
*choose a Veggie Pie for a Deluxe Vegetarian Meal*

Sampler Combo  $10

1 small entrée (Scotch Egg, Sausage Roll or Mince),
1 side dish (turnips, peas, mashed potatoes or chips), 
Gravy, plus 1 Dessert
*choose a Veggie Pie for Vegetarian Sampler Combo*

Individual Entrée Items

Haggis or Scotch Pie  $6 each
Sausage Roll, Mince or Veggie Pie  $5 each
Full Scotch Egg   $5         1/2 Scotch Egg   $3

Side Dishes

Potatoes, Peas or Turnips  $2.50 each
Chips  $3
Gravy  $1

Desserts $2 each

Fly Cemetery (fruit square)
Empire Biscuit
Shortbread cookie
 Plain or Raisin Scone (with butter or jam)

** prices include GST**

Beverage Menu

$8 Pink Ticket:  Single Malt Scotch, Imported Beer, Imported Cider

$5 Blue Ticket:  Domestic Beer, Spirits, Liqueurs, Coolers, Wine, Gaelic Coffee

$4 Orange Ticket:  Irn Bru (Scottish soft drink)

$3 White Ticket:  Non-alcoholic Beer, Arto Life Wtr,  Juice, Pure Leaf Iced Tea

$2.50 (Yellow Ticket):  Bottled Pepsi Products (incl Aquafina water)

$1.50 (no ticket required):  Coffee, Tea

*Photo ID is required to purchase alcohol. 18 + years only*